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Volunteer with Junior Achievement

Do you remember having a mentor when you were young?  We all remember that one person who inspired us or changed our lives in some way. Now YOU can be that person for a student in your own community. Volunteers embody the heart of Junior Achievement by providing real-world experiences to students.  Sharing your knowledge is an important key to helping students realize their boundless potential, and you will have a lot of fun in the process!


Volunteering for JA is fun, flexible and rewarding. JA programs are easy to teach, require a modest time investment, and provide immediate feedback and personal satisfaction. JA provides volunteers with everything they need to be successful in the classroom, including:

  • Choice of elementary, middle or high school close to home or work

  • All classroom materials needed to teach the program including a step-by-step lesson plan

  • Training on how to use the JA materials as well as teaching and classroom management tips

  • Connection to a teacher to coordinate when you teach the JA program – you will go one day per week for 5-7 weeks for 45 minutes to one hour per visit


Results show that students who participate in JA programs understand more about personal finances and budgeting.  Compared to students in general, JA students:

  • Have a more positive self-concept and higher self-esteem.

  • Are more likely to graduate from high school (93% versus 70%).

  • Are more likely to attend college (73% versus 60%).

JA works around the world helping students realize the importance of entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy – and also helps improve behavior and critical thinking. JA bridges the gap between school and the real world.  It brings life to the things kids learn in school and makes school relevant to what they are going to do after school is over.  This motivates them to learn and become better prepared for the world or work.



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Please consider becoming a JA volunteer today! You can contact us at 936-632-0490 for more information or you can fill out the volunteer form here. The difference you’ll make will be inspiring!

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